Welcome to Naomi Jenkin Art, where the rhythm of the sea and the beauty of wildlife come alive on canvas! I'm Naomi, a seascape and wildlife artist living in Cornwall, and I'm thrilled to share my creative journey with you.

Wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin with her elephant painting "The Elephant Charge"



My love for animals is a thread woven into the fabric of my life. Surrounded by pets during my formative years, I discovered the magic of capturing their personalities through my animal art. Over the years I’ve drawn hundreds of pet portraits for clients all over the world and have found such joy in bringing their unique personalities to life on the page.

My passion for drawing animals later expanded in 2021 to include wildlife. I wanted to embrace the diverse world of our wild animals and celebrate them through my collection of wildlife art paintings. Each scene aims to bring the world of that animal to life in vivid detail, and connect the viewer to the animal on an emotional level. Whether it’s a heart-melting painting of a fox mother and cub, or an endearing drawing of two puffins, each piece has its own story to tell.


Wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin drawing a red fox
Naomi drawing "Heart to Heart" in pastels


As a wildlife artist, I feel it’s important to use my wildlife art paintings as a way to help support our wild animals and their natural environments. By raising funds for wildlife conservation charities, and by giving a voice to issues faced by our natural world, I hope that my wildlife art is helping to make a positive difference.



Growing up by the sea in the south east of England, the ocean was my constant companion. As a keen sailor and windsurfer, I developed a passion for the ocean from an early age. I loved walks along the beach, especially watching ferocious storms create huge waves that crashed against the cliffs. Later in my adult life, I moved to Cornwall and took up surfing. That feeling of being immersed in the sea, and riding along a wave is something that I’ll never tire of. I feel renewed each time I come out the ocean and it’s been a source of constant joy, companionship and often humility! My passion for the ocean has heavily influenced my work as a seascape artist, shaping my collection of seascape paintings. I aim to recreate my experiences of the ocean on canvas, whilst capturing the beauty of my Cornish surroundings. I think of each seascape painting as a portal to the ocean. When you sit in your home and gaze at my seascape art, it should be like looking through a window to the sea.


"Early Morning Reflections" - Seascape Painting by Naomi Jenkin Art
"Early Morning Reflections" - Seascape Painting by Naomi Jenkin Art



Winner of the Association Of Animal Artists Inaugural Chairpersons Award 2024

The Inaugural Chairperson's Award is a long standing award hosted by the AAA and Inaugural Chair, Anne Corless, and co-sponsored by a number of leading international art companies. The award was set up to celebrate member's creative practises and to show an appreciation for how they use their art to support the welfare and conservation of the animals they depict. 

I'm so thrilled and humbled to have won the 2024 award in recognition of my wildlife art and contribution to wildlife conservation.  

Naomi Jenkin Art winner of the Association of Animal Artists Inaugural Chairperson's Award 2024.

Wildlife Artist of the Year Finalist 2022 and 2024

In both 2022 and 2024, I had the honour of being a finalist in the prestigious Wildlife Artist of the Year competition and had my work exhibited alongside wildlife artists from all over the world. In the 2022 event, we collectively raised over £85000 for wildlife conservation projects run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. 

This year, in July 2024, my original elephant drawing "The Elephant Charge" will be exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London, as part of the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2024 exhibition, with 50% of the sale price going to wildlife conservation. 

Naomi Jenkin Art Wildlife Artist of the Year Finalist 2022 and 2024


BBC Spotlight Feature

I also had the pleasure of being featured on BBC Spotlight in August 2022. The programme showcased both my pet portraits and wildlife art, and explored the creation process behind my drawings. 


Naomi Jenkin Art featured on BBC Spotlight
Naomi Jenkin in the BBC Spotlight studio

Colored Pencil Magazine Featured Artist

In December 2023 I was the featured artist in Colored Pencil Magazine, an American publication which showcases some of the best coloured pencil artists from around the world. The 6-page article featured a curated collection of my pet portrait and wildlife art drawings and explored my artistic journey, where my inspiration comes from, and challenges I’ve faced along the way.


Naomi Jenkin Art featured in Colored Pencil Magazine Dec 2023
Colored pencil magazine article on Naomi Jenkin Art

Association of Animal Artists

I’m proud to be a member of the Association of Animal Artists (AAA). The AAA is a collection of animal artists who seek to support animal welfare and wildlife conservation charities by not just raising funds, but also by raising awareness of the issues they face, and connecting people to our planet’s beautiful creatures. 

Association Of Animal Artists Member


Delving into my artistic process, my mediums of choice are chalk pastels and oil paints (not together I might add!). I find that pastels work perfectly for my wildlife art and pet portraits. The soft dry medium is ideal for capturing the soft textures of fur or features, and I love the level of detail I can achieve with them.

When it comes to my seascape paintings, I usually opt for oil paints. I love the way I can move the paint around on the canvas, recreating the way the water ebbs and flows. The vibrant colours and strong textures allow me to bring my seascape paintings to life in vivid reality, and capture a sense of movement and energy in each scene.


Seascape artist Naomi Jenkin painting a seascape in oil paintings
Naomi painting a seascape in oil paints. 


Put simply, my art is a tribute to the beauty of our natural world, where the dance of the sea and the spirit of wildlife converge in a celebration of nature's wonders.

If you’re a fellow ocean lover, I invite you to immerse yourself in my gorgeous collection of seascape art. From crashing waves to serene beachscapes, my seascape art prints capture the ocean in all her moods and allow you to bring the spirit of the ocean into your living space.

Or venture into the heart of the wild with my wildlife art paintings and limited edition prints, where the grace and majesty of earth’s wild creatures are celebrated in vibrant pastels.

Whether you're drawn to the serenity of the sea or the enchanting world of wildlife, each piece tells a story. Welcome to a gallery where every creation is a journey through the beauty that surrounds us. Thanks for being here!