Wildlife artist Naomi Jenkin with original tiger drawing "Stealth".


Welcome to my collection of tiger paintings! These magnificent creatures really do make fantastic subjects for any painting. Their incredible size, power and strength pitched against such grace and elegance is something to behold. As the largest of the big cats, tigers command attention with their awe-inspiring size, distinctive stripes, and captivating presence. Revered across cultures, tigers embody both the ferocity of the wild and the delicate balance of nature.


My tiger paintings strive to capture the diverse facets of these magnificent creatures. You can feel the focus and intensity of a tiger on the prowl in “Stealth” or experience the warm familial bond between a mother and her cub in “Devotion” and “Allegiance”. Each scene aims to bring alive the feelings and emotions felt by these beautiful creatures, and make you feel like you’re there experiencing the moment in person.


Crafting immersive landscapes stands at the heart of my wildlife art. I want to transport you to the tiger’s natural environment. The backdrop of a painting plays such a pivotal role in the overall feel of the scene, and so I always take careful consideration into how to craft the perfect setting. Within my paintings, you'll discover stunningly beautiful backgrounds, ranging from the serene snow-covered forests depicted in "Tigers of the Taiga" to the enigmatic mist-laden Sumatran jungle showcased in "Stealth". Each environment helps to bring the whole scene to life, and hugely contributes to the overall mood. I feel that so much would be lost without them!    


If you’re looking for a tiger painting for your home, there a few things you might want to consider.

Painting Size

My big cat paintings tend to be fairly large as I like to capture these powerful creatures in vivid detail. Large paintings make fabulous centre pieces. Most of my tiger paintings are A2 (unframed) or slightly bigger. This makes them the perfect focal piece for a living room or bedroom. All my
wildlife art paintings are also available as limited edition prints in A4, A3 and A2, so if you have a particular favourite which you’d like in a smaller size to the original, these are a great option.

Colour Scheme

You may be looking for a painting to enhance a specific room in your home and want it to compliment your colour scheme. The painting doesn’t have to have the same colours as your room – choosing complimentary colours can help create a focal point whilst giving a sense of harmony to your interior. Oranges and blues go very well together, as do reds and greens. You may opt for a natural palette of greens, oranges, and browns to give your room a grounded elegant feel.


Are you looking for something that radiates energy, or something with a sense of tranquillity? Each painting will evoke a different emotion when you gaze at it, and this could be a factor in deciding which scene to go for. Spend some time considering where you’d like the painting to be
displayed in your home, and what sort of feel you want that room to have.


When buying an original painting, you’re buying a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  You can see each pencil stroke, the textures of the pastel on the surface, and the intricate marks made to convey the overall scene. There’s something inherently special about owning an original, and knowing that it’s the only one of its kind in existence.

Of course, your budget might not stretch to an original painting, in which case, my limited-edition prints are an excellent more affordable option. Each one comes hand signed and numbered by myself, Naomi Jenkin, and also includes a signed certificate of authenticity. All of my wildlife art drawings are available as prints, and can be shipped worldwide.


If you’d love to commission your own bespoke tiger painting then please take a look at my wildlife art commissions page. I can tailor your art to your specific requirements. Whether you have a particular scene in mind, or a particular type of tiger, I’ll work with you to ensure your art is just how you’d like it.

Commissions make particularly special gifts for a loved one too. They might have memories of a trip of a lifetime where they witnessed these incredible creatures in the wild. Gifting your loved one a painting to remind them of those experiences makes for such a meaningful present, and one that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. To commission a painting, simply get in touch with your ideas, and together we can start the process of crafting your perfect tiger