Artist Naomi Jenkin enjoying her local Cornish beach


As the UK gears up for the upcoming general election, it's crucial we consider the environment and wildlife when choosing our political representatives. As a wildlife artist, I am deeply passionate about wildlife conservation and preserving our natural world. Since you’re here, I’m guessing you care about it a fair amount too! After all, without our trees, pollinators, wildlife and healthy oceans, life on this planet would simply cease to exist. As the iconic scene in the Lion King succinctly put it – “Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance”, and boy, have we disrupted that balance.

That’s why in this next general election I urge you to prioritize these issues at the ballot box.


Tackling the Climate Crisis

We are facing a climate emergency, and political action is urgently needed to reduce carbon emissions, transition to renewable energy sources, and protect vulnerable ecosystems.

Preserving Biodiversity

The UK's wildlife is under siege with many British species facing alarming decline. According to the State of Nature Report 2023, nearly one in six species are at risk of being lost from Great Britain, highlighting the urgent need for conservation action. Hedgehog populations, for instance, have plummeted by around 30% in England, while bees, essential pollinators vital for food production, are dwindling due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change. We need support for farmers to farm in ways which allow wildlife to recover and thrive. And we need to restore and protect our natural habitats to create a healthy sustainable ecosystem.

Protecting Oceans and Rivers

The health of our oceans and rivers is vital for marine life and for achieving a stable climate. It’s also so important for human well-being, with many people relying on the ocean for their mental and physical health. The Surfers Against Sewage Water Quality Report 2023 highlights the alarming state of water quality in the UK, both in our rivers and seas. We need our politicians to urgently tackle water pollution.


As a wildlife artist, my creations are more than just picturesque representations of nature; they capture my passionate connection to the natural world and my deep-seated commitment to wildlife conservation. Nature is at the core of all the art I produce and inspires my every stroke. I believe that art has the power to raise awareness and inspire change for the better.

My wildlife art and seascapes are a celebration and documentation of the rich diversity of wildlife and the breathtaking landscapes that surround us. Here in the UK especially we are blessed with an abundance of mesmerising creatures and scenic vistas. Yet every day I see numerous ways in which we’re failing to care for these wild spaces and the creatures that call them home, and it makes me both frustrated and incredibly sad.

Every week I see raw sewage dumped into my local Cornish beaches by our unscrupulous water company. My own health has suffered as a consequence, having fallen ill numerous times from surfing in these contaminated waters. Last year (2023) I was ill for three weeks after I contracted Cryptosporidium, a horrible parasite borne from water contaminated with sewage. What’s more, this happened within an area designated as a Marine Conservation Zone! Thousands of others fall ill each year from bathing in UK waters, and I shudder to think of the impact it’s having on our marine life.

I also see far fewer birds and insects than I used to see as a child – I remember growing up seeing bug splats covering our car windscreen after a drive through the countryside in the spring and summer. Now I barely see any. And I remember fields teeming with butterflies where I now see only a few.

It’s not enough for politicians to make hollow promises. We need firm concrete action and accountability from those we put in power.



I invite fellow animal lovers and environmental advocates to join me in using our voices and votes to protect our planet. By supporting politicians who prioritize environmental policies, we can create a brighter future with thriving wildlife, clean oceans, and pollution-free skies.


Stay Informed: Educate yourself about candidates' environmental platforms and track records.

Vote Responsibly: Choose candidates who prioritize climate action and conservation.

Support Conservation Initiatives: Get involved with organizations like the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Surfers Against Sewage and The Woodland Trust, and advocate for policies that protect our natural heritage.

The Cornwall Wildlife Trust currently has an open letter to the government calling for more action to support nature. Sign the open letter today.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.


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