Cornish Seascape painting "Windy Day at Constantine" by Naomi Jenkin Art


If you're on the lookout for a unique Cornish gift or a piece of art that encapsulates your love for the sea, you've come to the right place! Here we’ll explore the beautiful collection of Cornish seascape art you can find here at Naomi Jenkin Art, featuring some of Cornwall’s most beloved beaches and coastlines.


Cornwall has a unique way of embedding itself in your soul. The awe-inspiring coastlines leave you humbled by the sheer beauty of nature. Inspired by my Cornish surroundings, my collection of seascapes serve as a vivid reflection of this special place. Each artwork acts as a portal, transporting you to joyous moments spent by the ocean. Through every brushstroke, a story unfolds, transforming memories of Cornwall into timeless mementos. Whether you're a local cherishing familiar sights or a visitor eager to take a piece of Cornwall home, my Cornish seascape art prints provide the perfect means to preserve those heartfelt moments.

Cornish seascape painting "Windy Day At Constantine" by Naomi Jenkin Art
"Windy Day At Constantine"


My collection of limited edition seascape prints are the ideal addition to any coastal dwelling. These prints effortlessly transform your room into a tranquil oasis, where the beauty of the ocean becomes an integral part of your living space. My range of Cornish seascape prints captures the ocean in all her different moods and seasons, so whether you favour scenes of a beach stroll on a sunny day, or dramatic stormy waves, you’re sure to find something that will resonate. 


Fistral Beach, with its iconic headland and renowned surf, is captured across the seasons in my range of seascape art prints. For those who love watching intense storms and moody autumnal days, “Stormy Seas, Fistral” and “Autumn Showers, Fistral” are sure to delight. Or if you’d like a print that  reminds you of peaceful early morning walks along the sand, then “Dawn Over Fistral” and “A New Day Dawns” are the perfect choice.

Cornish seascape art "Dawn Over Fistral" by Naomi Jenkin Art
"Dawn Over Fistral"

Each of these prints is a moment beautifully captured to showcase the invigorating spirit of Fistral Beach. Hang one in your home, and you'll feel the magic of this place every time you enter the room.


Watergate Bay, a haven for surfers and sun-seekers alike, takes centre stage in ‘A Stroll Along Watergate Bay’. This scene transports you to the expansive sandy shores, rugged granite cliffs and the sunlit surf, creating a laid-back coastal charm that complements any interior.

Cornish seascape painting "A Stroll Along Watergate Bay" by Naomi Jenkin Art
"A Stroll Along Watergate Bay"


Constantine Bay, with its pristine sands and stunning backdrop, becomes a visual retreat in several of my seascapes. Explore the myriad of rock pools on a fresh spring day in “Receding Tide, Constantine”, or gaze across the expansive sand dunes in “Windy Day at Constantine”. These gorgeous art prints capture the unspoilt natural beauty of this Cornish haven, making them perfect for creating a peaceful ambiance in your home.

"Receding Tide, Constantine"


Crantock beach, a hidden gem on the Cornish coast, is beautifully captured in “Low Tide at Crantock”. Enjoy the beach all to yourself, and savour its rugged charm in this enchanting Cornish seascape print. This scene celebrates the wild feel of this much-loved location and transports you to the heart of Cornwall’s wild coastline from the comfort of your home.


For those with a love for the surf, my collection of seascape prints featuring the waves and surf of Cornwall are a must-have. These artworks are immersive and visually stunning; they evoke the energy and power of mother nature, and convey the rhythm and dance of the ocean in all its glory. From the sunlit surf of “Summer By The Ocean” to the immensely powerful “Raging Seas”, each scene captures the spirit of the ocean in breathtaking realism, making them the perfect addition for anyone who feels a deep connection to the waves.

Seascape painting "Summer by the Ocean" by Naomi Jenkin Art
"Summer By The Ocean"


Cornwall is not only about the sea but is also a haven for diverse wildlife. My puffin painting “Puffins” features two delightful Atlantic puffins on a rocky clifftop. These iconic birds are often found nesting on the islands dotted around Cornwall’s spectacular coastline. This charming painting is available in limited edition prints and is perfect to add a touch of coastal charm and whimsy to your home!

Framed puffin art print"Puffins" by Naomi Jenkin Art.
"Puffins" - limited edition print


Through every stroke and detail, my range of Cornish seascape art invites you to immerse yourself in the magic of Cornwall and carry a piece of its natural beauty into your home. Whether adorning your walls or chosen as a special Cornish gift for a loved one, these artworks serve as timeless reminders of the profound connection between people and the sea, encapsulating the joy, serenity, and wild charm of Cornwall's coastal wonders.

Explore my range of Cornish seascape prints and original seascape paintings.

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